ATC Chat Window Size Error

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My ATC chat window seems to have been resized and looks blurry (same with the gps window, radio stack, overhead panel... etc). Could this be a bug or something else wrong with the computer? This problem did not occurr previously.

Thanks for all your help! 😀

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Nelson Robison (photoshock) Trainee

It seems like you are describing the same problem I had, your graphics card is not able to handle the settings you have in the settings menu.
To check if this is the case, 1) Remember where you have your settings in the customization menu, 2) Take all sliders and move them down at least 2 notches and see if this does fix the problem.
If it does then you need to upgrade your graphics card soon, you will notice
the difference immediately when the new card is installed. If not then there is something wrong with the program and you may need to reinstall the program anew.

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ehuang6 Trainee

Thanks for the info, photostock. I just so happens that I was able to resolve this issue by doing a graphics card update from Nvidia (9 series). That fixed it up right away.

Once again, thanks for all your help.

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