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Still can't log in

AndyAZ Guest

I paid on Dec 10th. The account was activated on Dec 11.

When i try to log on, it tells me I am offline.

I reset the password, got a new confirmation code, new password. Same thing.

I've sent emails to accounts, to the webmaster, no response.

Anyone have any other ideas?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Embarassed Sorry for your problems
Try mailing here Arrow

there are some changes taking place and you have been Shocked lost Shocked

they will find you Wink
Tell them that if they dont hurry up Radarman and me will pay them a visit,and they wont like that Laughing

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RadarMan Chief Captain
AndyAZ Guest

thanks for checking into it, and yes, i double posted. i wasnt sure if the first post actually took

I really appreciate that you responded to this post.


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whereub4ever Trainee

All is working well now, i can log in.

I flew T-38's back a when, and it will be fun to cruise this one over the Grand Canyon once again.


Thumbs Up! It was the thought of me and Radar turning up at the door that done it Wink

Welcome aboard Group Wave

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