is it true?

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The e-mail regarding the free product by linking to the Fly Away website?

It's to good to be true! 😳

If it is legit, what are the circumstances, in terms of websites? Must we have our own website or can we link threw a social network such as Facebook?

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Looks true, I already have a link to his site on mine...have had for years.


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very cool, can we post on a social network or must the site be owned by us?

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You know as much as I do.
He gave an email address, contact him there.


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Thank you for the interest!

The link must be from an established website, related to flight simulator in one way or another.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are excluded from the promotion. You must own the website you add the link to.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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it is most definitely true, as i asked about it and then mentioned the plane that i was going to get for free, the eurofighter...i appoligize as the blog i put it on has nothing to do with flightsim at all...i will add it as well to the other blog i have that its totally related to fsim...

thanks ryan for setting this i said i wish i could get them all but i cant...

lets say i add the link to a few other websites i own or blog on...does that allow me to ask for more freebees??

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