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Cirrus Air - Introduces Pilot Rewards Program

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FROM: Cirrus Air Human Resources Department

TO: Flying Public

WHEN: 5/23/2010

WHAT: Cirrus Air Announcement

SUBJECT: Introducing the Cirrus Air Rewards Program

Cirrus Air Pilot Rewards Program

Welcome to the Cirrus Air Rewards Program, a program that rewards its pilots and crewmembers for doing their very best work here at Cirrus. The program is simple, as pilots and staff accumulate flight hours; they build points towards a free flight. Certain flights in the network equal certain amounts of points, for example. A one hour flight would be 2 points; two hours would equal 5 points and anything over three hours would equal 10 points. Members of the program may also gain points by posting on the forums and helping out around the airline. Below is a detailed outline of all the ways pilots and every other member at Cirrus Air, can start racking up those points for a FREE flight!

Flight Rewards
Flight time Points awarded

1 hour 2 points
1 to 2 hours 5 points
3.0 + hours 10 points

Forum Posting Rewards
No. of Posts Points

50 posts 25 points
100 posts 60 points
200 + posts 100 points

Point Redemption
Redeem your points for free flights which count towards your total flight time, as well as help you to gain rank sooner than ever before!

Points Flights
200 Rewards Points Any flight on our regional network. (ex. KMDW-KPHL)
300 Rewards Points Any roundtrip flight on our regional network (ex. KMDW-KPHL-KMDW)

500 Rewards Points Any flight on our mainline network not exceeding 3 hours. (ex. KMDW-KTPA)
650 Rewards Points Any roundtrip flight not exceeding 3 hours on first leg. (ex. KMDW-KTPA-KMDW)

800 Rewards Points Any flight in our system
900 Rewards Points Any roundtrip flight in our system (YOU COULD GAIN UP TO 10 HOURS WITH 900 POINTS)

Please note: Pilots may bank as many points as they wish, there is no pressure to redeem your points, and your points do not expire! Every 1000 points you earn you are then awarded 100 bonus points for your progress and achievements. Bigger and better prizes are on their way so think twice before submitting those points!

Once pilots gain enough points they may turn them in for free flights. For example a flight from Buffalo to Chicago would be 200 points while a flight from Chicago to San Diego would be 800 points. Below is how the program works:

1.) You bank your points to 900 points.

2.) You choose any roundtrip flight, letís say you choose KMDW - KSAN

3.) You submit a bid for the estimated flight time, and in the comments add in that youíre redeeming your points.

4.) We subtract 900 points from your account and add 10 hours to your total time, who knows that may be all you need for a promotion.

More prizes and rewards are being discussed and reviewed, suggestions are welcomed and those with ideas to help make this program more exciting please email your ideas to


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