Flight sim X and windows 7 compatability issues

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my son was bought flight sim x but unable to use as only have windows 7 machine and i believe there are compatability issues. Are there any work arounds?- we already have FS2004 and i am happy with it, but my 8 year old isn't!! any advice for this FS novice gratefully received

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I've run it on XP, Vista and now W7 64bit without a problem so there aren't any compatibility issues that I know of.
You might try to be sure that you run it as administrator as W7 has security built in as option out rather then option in.

While I don't suggest it as a steady "fix" because you do leave yourself open to problems it may help in the short run.

Be sure you have all Windows updates including the latest .NET, I believe it's 3.5.


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