Fly Away Simulation

Just testing.....

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Welshflyer Chief Captain see how things look at this size before i start something!!!!! Very Happy

All closed up and ready to pushback

Starting taxi

Just a small queue this morning

Cleared to go

Mallorca here we come

Climbing out

Cruising with the Lager louts in full flow

Beginning descent into Mallorca

On approach

Easy does it, we don't want all that Lager coming back up....yet

Taxi in to get all these Lager louts to the bars of Palma Nova as soon as possible

Shut down at the gate.

Hmmm...perhaps just too small!

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Naaaaah welsh... i am on laptop right now... just right....

I'll tell ya when i get back on the hd tv hooked up desktop haha.

Awesome lookin spain!!! what's your secret?

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Thanks very much bel Very Happy , the secret to Spain is Aerosoft Mallorca X (the FS2004 bit) you get FS2004 and FSX in one package but i have'nt downloaded the FSX part yet as it's 3.8 GB Shocked .

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Chris Morris (morris91) Chief Captain

Looks great welshy. but the image size, Just too small.

But your pics : Awesome.

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Tailhook Chief Captain


My binoculars won't help either Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

Very Happy

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