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Okay, so i've done a few of the lessons in FS2004, and can successfully takeoff and land a Cessna. I'm getting closer with the 747 but here's the main problem I always have.

Whenever I start to bring the plane down where the wheels touch the runway, I panic and end up slamming down into the runway.

I did use the IFR system with the lights at the runway to help with the approach, so I always come in at a good angle, it's just when the last bit of bringing the plane down comes, SLAM! into the ground lol.

Any tips? Thanks 🙂

Oh, on a sidenote, when I takeoff in a 747 or other plane, should I be putting the thrust to full or no? Because when I takeoff, I put the thrust to max and leave it there; am I supposed to bring the thrust down later on in the flight?

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dct2 Guest

you need to keep your flying speed up and use the wing spoilers to to get

rid of the extra lift, once down use the spoilers ,trust reversers. and

brakes, sounds

like you are running out of airspeed or, and stalling out use the approch

hold button after dialing in the proper frequency in the nav computer and

setting the crs to the heading given to you on the map for the airport (this

makes it so all you have to do is run the engines spoilers reverse

thrusters and brakes, be sure to turn off the ap after landing) also check

to see how high the airport is..the approch hold is part of the ILS

system,but works good to keep you lined up on the runway

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