Can't view the whole pages of my topic.

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Hi everyone, I was wanting to get back to my recreating the historic flights suggested in FS9 in the following topic under 2004 screenshots.


As I was trying to determine where I'd left off, I noticed that I can view the whole pages in this 20 (so far) page long presentation. I can view all of page 20 but it only has a portion of one flight on it. Page 19 has the start of that flight and I could only view the top 3/4 of the page - no matter how long I waited and with no change when refreshing the page.

I've checked other pages and can only view the top half of them.

I've obviously not had this problem before or I wouldn't have even been able to do as much of the presentation as I've done so far.

Anyone have any ideas why this is now happening?

PC specs are 2.80GHz, 2.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6200

Actually I have replaced the graphics card since my last post but upgraded from NVIDIA GeForce 5500

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Can you post a screenshot?

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Also try another browser IE8 or Firefox and hit F11 to enlarge the page.


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thanks for your input guys...

I'll try posting a screen shot Flyaway.... its one I just took that shows how the page doesn't load past a certain point. In fact every time I've looked at this page (19) of my presentation this is the same place it stops loading. You will see from the scroll bar that it is about 80% of the way down the page.

The page is just blank white the rest of the way down... the other 20% of the size the page should take (18 page downs).

RadarMan, as you can see I am using Firefox. I tried the F11 key and while it does make the portion of the page showing bigger, it does nothing to resolve the fact that the rest of the page, mostly screen shots and some text much like what has loaded, doesn't even load.

I've recently purchased a laptop (this is on my desktop pc) and I'll go try viewing the pages on it and post a followup reporting how it works.

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Hmmmmmm..... the pages work just fine on the laptop

Toshiba Satelite L505D Mod # 123456789 Notebook
AMD Turion(tn) II Dual-Core Mobile M520 Processor 2.30 GHz
64-bit OS
4.00 GB Ram
AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon 4200 Display Adaper

So it is obviously a problem with the desktop computer. Would you guess it would be RAM? The laptop video card isn't as good as the desktop's. But the pages were previously loading fine on that machine. I'm puzzled. But I guess I can continue my presentation using the laptop instead of my trusty old desktop.

Thanks for your ideas guys.

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That is odd looking, I've never seen that before.
Maybe a reboot after some newer not the newest video drivers might help.
That new card of yours is quite old.

You using IE8 on the laptop I guess.


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The Browser is not the issue. I use Firefox and can view all of your pages without a problem.

My guess is that you have either a slow internet connection (but that would not explain the fact that you can view everything on your laptop), or your cache has to be emptied or you might want to try and run CCleaner.

Several years ago outdated video drivers used to be a common problem for all kinds of issues. Nowadays updating those would be my last resort.

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No RadarMan, I'm using firefox on the laptop to... I'm a true believer in it. Yeah I know that the video card for the laptop is not great. I really wasn't buying it for flight sim or serious graphics but for writing while away from the computer room and I love it for almost everything... even flight simming as it turns out so far.... FS9 and FSX demo.

I use CCleaner every day on both computers Tailhook.

My gut is starting to suspect the graphics card on the desktop. I don't think that 6200 was all that much better than the old 5500 GeForce.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Both cards are quite old but one should work for a forum page, that's what leads me to think it's either the browsers fault or the cards drivers.
Being older cards they can't use the latest drivers you have to use ones that are out about 1-2 years after the cards came out. Newer than that can be a problem.

Run CCleaner and clean out everything, maybe launch IE8 and see if that does It, I use both IE8 and FireFox.


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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

Tried it with IE8 and it works fine..... after uninstall all the free toolbars that had accumulated there somehow.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... not a big IE fan but guess I'll learn to be.

Thanks for the ideas and support I know I can always get from you guys!

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