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The next generation flight logging!

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the next generation flight logging for VA's:

The Integrated Pirep System for Virtual Airlines (or IPS) is a PHP-based flight logging and pirep (Pilot Report) system. It automatically detects flights, logs them and finally "sends" a flight report of the flight.
And because it is PHP-based, your pilots won't need to download a pilot client. And it is compatible with Mac and X-Plane!

The IPS (Integrated Pirep System) has got two modes of operation: based on flight booking and automatic detection:
- It can start logging flights after a flight has been booked, or
- It can automatically detect online flights, in this mode the pilot won't need to do anything at all, apart from filing their flightplan in their online client (like IvAp or squawkbox)!

Next to that it contains much more options and functions, please check the website below for more information.

The IPS itself is free, however to help you integrate the IPS into your VA website, we offer affordable integration services.

New: now also compatible with phpVMS!

Please visit

Jasper Bussemaker

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