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Is there any website or anything that can help me learn all the controls and stuff of the 747 and what everything does. I just want to learn what every switch on the panels and what not do. For example, "ATC," What is that? I have much to learn...

What is "Yaw Damper?"

How can I learn to turn a PMDG 747 from cold and dark to up and flying =)

What's fuel pump boost for?

If anyone could help me out with my questions that would be really nice.
If anyone has an Msn account, send me your email address if you don't mind so I can ask you questions and learn more about FSX and all the controlls in a plane.

should I go and buy one of those Saitek Pro Flight Yoke systems for FSX? Are they really worth it?

Thanks for reading.

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Check out some of the definitions at


See if this helps with the panel.

Yes, I have the Saitek yoke and pedals.


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The included manuals are pretty good, I believe they'll be in the PMDG folder of your FSX installation folder. Bunch of pdf files, lots to read!

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Ok, thanks for the VERY helpful information RadarMan and Traches! 😀

BTW, I didn't mean ATC, I meant APU. My bad there.

A special thanks to RadarMan for his great sources and that one guide for the 747. Thanks again.

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