Can't start FS2004, HW/SW problem?

El Gonzo Guest

Hi @ all,

I've installed FS2004 with the No-CD Crack on following machine:

HW: P4 2,4GHz, 512 RAM, MSI MS-6758, NVIDIA GeForce3 200Ti 64MB (@ 1280x1024, 32bit, 85Hz), Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96
OS: Windows XP Professional (with all updates)

I installed the NVIDIA driver from the Microsoft Site (WHQL).
I also changed the screen resolution, the color depth, the hardware acceleration. My DirectX settings are also ok!
What can I do?
Please help me!
Thank you!!

My email:

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Don't ever load a driver from MS update, they are behind the times.
Go to and get it there. Delete the one you have and load the new one from them.
I doubt that the crack caused this problem, it's just a simple program.

If you click on send and then close after it sends the report, It'll usually take you to a page that will tell you what's wrong.

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Hi El Gonzo, Radarman is right-on, however, it could be something else as well. I agree with him on drivers. NEVER even use the CD that comes with hardware...there are always newer drivers at the manufacturer's web site. Here's a better link to Nvidia Detonator drivers. Download to a folder, then as suggested by RadarMan, go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and uninstall anything NVidia. Then reboot>Start>Run>Browse to your new drivers and install...Of course you need to kill your AV before installing and NVidia warns you to do so. The other possibility is your Video card and/or too high of Display settings in the Sim. 64 MB Video Ram is not enough to enjoy great scenery.... especially at your high resolution. You may try lowering your display settings. If they are too high and you can't get into the sim to lower them, reinstall. Sometimes after installing new drivers, you may have to reinstall Dir X 9b. Plz post back results to this thread...and consider a new Video card to go with that great rig you have. It's kinda like you are driving a new Mazarati around on the rims !! Good Luck, rob (P.S. I luv the Nvidia fx 5900 Ultra, but others like ATI)

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