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Computer Upgrade FSX Problems

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markrem Trainee

I recently upgraded my computer to 64bit and to the latest Windows and the free flight toolbar at the top of the screen has disappeared and the view toolbar option is inactive. Also the cursor arrow in free flight is now black. Can someone advise how to rectify this problem?
Thanks, Mark 😕

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try it in window mode (enter + alt ).
Also uncheck tool tips in the Sims settings.

FSX-Settings>Display>Aircraft tab


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Derian First Officer

The black cursor is only in the FSX Demo. When you use the full version you have a white one. I don't see how you have a black cursor in the full version.

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markrem Trainee

Thanks Guys, I'll give it a try. In light of Derian's comment it could be my IT guy had a problem reinstalling FSX after upgrading. Hense the possible demo version. I'll follow up.
Thanks again! 😉 Mark R.

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