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Strange Mouse Thing in VC

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Ok after trying lots of tweeks to get the most out of fsx i have found a funny but strange anomily. I have my frames lock at 20fps and with stock planes i max it out no matter what the LOD is. But with payware i get about 12 to 18fps but i noticed tonight something weird. While in VC"the only way i fly" if i hit ALT to bring up the option bar on the top then i put my mouse cursor over that bar. my FPS go From 13 or 14 to a maxed out on my lock 20fps. has anyone else noticed this?

I have tried all my Payware Aircraft with same results. Its a Great find but it also kinda stinks to cus i really like the mouse look around feature but when i drop the mouse below the Options bar i get back to the 13 14fps.

Someone else give this a go, and see what happens. Let me know Thanks

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The pay-ware aircraft are more graphic intensive than the default or most free ones.
That's why they drop the FPS down, they are using the "power" from your CPU and video card that would normally go to the scenery.
The only way around this is to lower autogen and a few other FPS eating slides when you fly pay-ware.
As for the mouse thing, try turning off mouse tips in the Sims settings and see if that helps.


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