I can land, but, I can't STOP!!!

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I've been following the ILS landing tutorial at the beginning of this forum.

I've been able to land sucessfully many times using the instructions here, however, I cannot STOP the airplane!!!!

I run off the side of the runway and run all across the green area of the airport, and all over the place before I finally come to a stop.

I am going at about 160 KIAS by the time I hit the pavement, I am flying a King Air and or a Beach Baron 58, I back the thrust all the way down and hold the brakes for all I can, but, I continue to just run down the runway like there is no tomorrow.

There does not seem to be spoilers on the King Air, or Beach Baron, and another problem I'm having which may be causing this is flaps.

When I'm flying the approach, as soon as I hit 2800 AGL, and slow to 180, and begin following the instructions, I move the flaps to APP, and immediately the nose drops and my speed drops to 160 or slower. If I wait until I have intercepted the GS to switch the flaps to APPR, then I slow even further and drop below the glideslope and lose the approach. I can't ever seem to use the flaps the way they were designed to be used. They seem to make me fall out of the sky.

What am I doing wrong as far as the flaps go? Are 0 flaps why I can't stop when I am trying to land?

I just installed an add-in that makes call-outs as I am landing, and it does keep saying TOO LOW FLAPS as
I am flying the approach.

I also have a 2nd question. I'm using approach plates from for my ILS freq's to program the approach. Where do the numbers come for the ADF? I would like to program that too so I can see my total
distance the airport, or wherever the device that the ADF reads is located. I'm also watching the GPS
while I'm flying the approach so I can see where I'm at on the approach as it is on the approach plate
and where I can expect to intercept the glideslope.

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Firstly, 160 KIAS is far too fast for a King Air or Beech Baron 58! Not even your average Boeing 747 lands that fast!

The profile I wrote about on that thread was very much geared towards light / medium / heavy turbofan aircraft. Not single / multi-engine propeller aircraft. Try 110kts to start with on approach and reduce that to 70-90KIAS on short final depending on the aircraft. Extending flap (depending on the aircraft) does often cause a pitch down moment; just anticipate it, counteract it with backpressure. Slowing down before adding this flap will help dramatically.

Take the approach slower and see how it goes.

Too low flaps occurs when the aircraft is landing and the flap setting isn't set to a landing configuration. Extend them further.

The ADF / NDB won't give you any distance information unless it's co-located with DME. The ADF will simply point to the beacon. You can get the numbers from the map.

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I landed much slower in another attempt and was very successful in stopping.

I should have known that 160 was way too fast. I know that large jets like a 737 lands at around 140 with reverse thrust and spoilers.

This is helping me learn alot.

I appreciate all the great help.

The learning and practice has been alot of fun.


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