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I' ve chosen a Qantas A330-200 to download, successfully unzipped the file, but have no clue how to find the file for the sound. The instructions tell me to find one from my fsx Airbus A321, but I can't find it! How can I get this file and continue on? (I have Windows Vista and Flight SimulatorX).


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You have an Airbus A321 in FSX. Navigate to it via xxx/xxx/xxx/SimObjects/ Airplanes.

Next open the Airbus_A321 aircraft folder. Now Copy and Paste the sound folder into your Qantas A330-200 aircraft folder. If prompted to overwrite, click yes.

NOTE: This is not the most economical way as you now have the exact same soundset twice on your hard drive, once inside your Airbus_A321 aircraft folder and once in your Qantas A330-200 aircraft folder. This is unnecessary but it's the easiest way.
I'd suggest you use this method first, if later on you want to learn about different ways of "aliasing" sounds, just ask. 😀

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