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Everytime I click on the FS9 icon I get the following 2 messages:
1"terrain.cfg. file is missing and or damaged. Pleased reinstasll
2"the scenery .cgc file is missing or damaged, etc.

I can't even unistallfs9. Every time I try to do that, I get a message the the Hawker Sisddley is removed from my hard drive - but fs9 remains. This is bizarre! Any held w/ his. I can't do a athing w/ fs9 at present.

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I can't remember if you can drop in disk 1 to do a repair, if you can try it.

If you have to reinstall.

This is how you completely uninstall FS9.


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nyguy72000 Trainee

Thanx, Radar. Don't know why I didn't think of that myself. I'm still curious as to what happened in the first place w/ the cfg's.

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Did you install any addon scenery? I put some in myself recently around Greece and now if i try to fly to LGAV i get a CTD , so i've got to repair this area.I'm not about to do a full re-install...........................yet Evil or Very Mad !

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nyguy72000 Trainee

Yes, I've been adding on a lot of scenery lately. And, yes, I added some Greek Islands and Crete the other day. Could there be a correlation ....

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