"Your computer has run out of availible meory."

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Hey guys, I have a problem that is becoming quite a pest. And please don't tell me to go look on google or do a search for it because I already have and come out empty handed...

Anyway, I have a crap load of add-ons, going from PMDG, LevelD, UTX, GEX, FEX, Redux lights, Airport enhancer, FS2 Crew, My Traffic, and lots more.

But the problem is, that I get that error "Your computer has run out of availible memory" when I start up FSX, now these are the system specs:

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
8gb of ram DDR3
Intel(R) HD Grapics card
Dell Inspiron 580 Desktop
600gb HDD with 470 gb left... Now the error tells me to use disk cleaner and try to start FSX again but i've already done that, I also used RegCure, scanned my PC for viruses, everything I could possibly think of i've tried.
If anyone could help me that would be nice... 😕

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You're not telling what CPU you have. The Dell Inspiron 580 Desktop appears to be a budget computer despite the three different price ranges on offer.
You haven't told us which parts you have upgraded - I think that would be a good starting point for trouble shooting.

If I remember correctly, Traches has advised you in a previous post that with brand computers such as Dell etc. you can't just add any parts you fancy because they use their own proprietary parts.

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Well, it's all stock, here are the specs:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz
Oh and I meant 6GB of ram not 8GB. And it also says I have 6 but the usable ram is 5.87

This is a known problem with windows Vista 32-bit but I don't get why this is hapenning on my system... Everything has been fine for a while and now I started randomly getting this error after I just stopped getting a Fatal error when I use the toolbar in fsx... It seems like I go from problem to problem over and over again...

I have been playing with everything maxed out completely but idk if that's causing the problem... I'm gonna go ahead and turn some stuff down and see what happens then. Thanks for the fast reply and help btw. If you know any possible solutions just let me know.

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Check your ( event log ) for that error. You may find direction their.

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