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I have FSX running.
I bought this weekend PIC 737.
Installed FSX with SP 1 with FS accelerator.
FSX is running O.K.
But when I start PIC 737, I can set the FMC, when I however
set the flaps or so, FSX stops working.
You can still see the screen of FSX, but nothing reacts.
With Ctrl-alt-del, I can go back to my screen and start fsx again.
With this problem I installed FSX and everything conc. F.S. at new at my PC, but without success.
Is this a problem of my PC or is there something I did wrong with my software? On my PC windows 7 ultimate is running.

I hope somebody can give me an advise to solve this problem.



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This could be a 737-PIC problem as i have issues with mine, it always crashes to desktop after i've used it 😕 . Maybe an E-mail to JustFlight may be wise!

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Thanks Welshflyer.
In the mean time I had some efforts.
I installed everything again and now without SP 1.
Only FSX with accleration. Now things are going better.

I tried earlier to contact Wilco or JustFlight, but I had probably
the wrong email nr.

So I am keep trying to solve everything.



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