Will there ever be?

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A mod that utilizes the terrain and global engine that FSX has but add ground vehicles and air vehicles that can interact like Arma2. Meaning military jets, weapons, and also ground vehicles weapons.

The ability for people to walk drive water vehicles etc?

I mean I have three favorites, FSX, ARMA2, LOMAC, all are great in their own way but each one misses something.

Would be nice to design a game using FSX terrain and global engine, then having the vehicles and iteration of arma2, with the simulation like LOMAC, but with extensive controls like some adds like F18 super bug.

A dream I know....

can you imagine a global multiplyer map in real time that never stops (unless the server gets rebooted LOL).

Man... not to mention FSX and the scenery packs familiar places it is great..

If I was a programmer and had about 100 other friends that were programmers I would create it...

Its like having three girlfriends you have to spend equal time with each game me LOL

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