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Hey there everyone. I thought it would now be time to go for the biggest upgrade I possibly can and get a flight system which will ONLY be used for FSX. I currently own the Logitech Attack 3 joystick which has been pretty great for me and has lasted me since I got it about 3-4 months ago and I would recommend it to any beginner starting FSX since it is a BIG upgrade from using the keyboard or mouse. Now the choices i'm currently concidering are the G940, the Saitek Pro flight yoke system ( i'll buy the pedals as well if I end up getting that system), and that's about it. I really want the G940 because of all it's features and FFB and stuff but I also don't want something with a lot of bugs. So can I have some suggestions on what to get and why?

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I still use the Saitek X-52... heldover from my FS9 days. It works well for me, so never had a need to upgrade it. My only pet peeve is the cable between the throttle and stick gets old... and the connection sometimes flickers. I think I have a short in there, but too cheap to buy a new cable...

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