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does anyone know how a person can find a water airport, when trying to create a flight plan.

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When you pick an airport (In the menu) the bottom window asks about "which (or default) runway". If you use that drop-down arrow you'll see that some (especially in Florida) say water.


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If you have access to sectional charts you can pick out the water airports. "Seaplane stations" are indicated on the sectionals by a purple anchor. Most of them will be found on rivers or sheltered bays, rather than on the open ocean. Sands Point (code 7N3) is on Long Island Sound just north of JFK airport. Peekskill (code 7N2) is on the Hudson River north of New York City. Most sectional charts will have at least a few water airports.

After you choose the airport you will be able to choose a water runway from the dropdown menu. 😛

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