How reduce brightness runway approch lights

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In some airport like Aerosoft - London Heathrow 2008 v1.10,EPWA, and so on, runway approach lights is to bright, all lights are smudgy, as i know, they have own approach lights, but how to reduce brightness lights????

In default fs9 airport ,runway approach lights is as in real life.
In my FS9 CFG file is:


read this: Wouter,

for add-on sceneries I can only tell the following:

Some add-on sceneries have modeled their own lights, for FS2004 there is NO variable to let them go on in bad weather so what can be done by the modeler is to let the lights go on when you set a certain frequency or let them light up permanently like the green taxi lights on FlyTampa Dubai.
If it would be the case that on the add-on scenery the lights have been modeled you can delete these lights and place default lights by using a program that was used to create scenery for FS2002. I don't remember the name right now but I remember that you can place runways with it with an invisible surface and still be able to "shine" trough add-on scenery which is NOT the case for AFCADs. If you remove these modeled lights you SHOULD ONLY delete the RUNWAY and APPROACH lights and not the taxi lights as these cannot be made with the same invisible surface as for the runway.
And this only applies to FS2004 since FSX has the visibility variable integrated for add-on developers ...
If it is for the default scenery, I can only say it's kind of hard coded and can't be edited as far as I'm aware of ...

So,maybe you know how to do that/????

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