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Dear all,
as FSX runs terrible on my comp I have used BDmark06 to check. I have also installed Power suite with speed up. I was told that the specs of my comp should be very good for FSX. The scores I get from BDmark are the following:
1 score 3685
2 score 1279
3 score 1529
CPU 2054
Speed: 2328 Mhz.
memory 3584
(All this does not mean anything to me 😞 , I am not a comp specialist. I hope it means something to you! )

Comp specifications:
CPU 2 x intel core 2 duo processor 2,33 - 2,33
GPU: Radeon HD 3600 series
RAM: 3573 Mb
32 bit system
hard disk plit: C (4,22 is free from 30 Gb)
D: (FSX is on D) 180 free from 200 Gb.

Perrhaps the C part of the hard disk is a bit full, Can that be of a negative influence?
What I would like to ask one of you wizzards is if my comp should run better or is something wrong which could be repaired?
Thanks a lot for your kind help

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Usually you do want to have a fair amount of space on C available. What fsx does is copy your planes to one of the folders in there so it can use them... Other than that your system seems fine to me.

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