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I Have been a flt sim lover since 2.0 on 7 inch flopy disc. Upgraded to 95 then 98, then 2002 ? I just got a new computer so picked up X. Problem, no mater what aircraft I fly the sim freeses up during climeout and goes unresponsive.. I have reeinstalled the software 2 times.
Any idea would help,,,Peace

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Without knowing the specs of your computer the first thing I would suggest is to open the machine, using compressed air clean out the fans on the machine, video card and the CPU.
See if that helps.


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Thank you Chief. will give it a try. 8.00 gb ram 64 bit,931 gb hard disc, display adapter ati radeon hd 5450, 3571 mb graf mem aval. Should have told you that from the go.

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Your computer should be alright to run FSX on. The only thing i can think of is that has something to do with 64-bit version of windows but, again i could be wrong with that assumption.

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