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Perculliar Problem

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Hello Fellow Flight Simmers,

I have a perculiar problem with my flight sim. All the external spot views work absolutely fine but, if I crash the plane and it takes me to the original airport again.

They all look rather perculiar and distored (almost like it's all drawn in one point perspective, if you know what I mean by that).

Anybody else have the same issue?

Admittedly I have an old computer and it chuggs a fair bit when running FSX but this does seem slightly perculiar.


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Derian First Officer

Try Anisotropic filtering and or anti-aliasing?

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Graphical glitches are usually caused by driver and hardware issues, I'd check these things in this order--

Graphics card drivers up to date?

Directx up to date?

And finally if that doesn't fix anything, try unchecking "use DX10" under the fsx graphics settings.

If that doesn't work... hrm.

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