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Hey guys, I was wondering on how to start my own virtual airline. Like the website,BUT most importantly the aircraft . How would I get plane models and how would I be able to put my own textures on them.(also to create textures)
Thanks to anyoe who responds with some good advice/information 😀

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Yoland Guest

Hello my friend,
I think the best thing for you to do is to become a member of a reliable VA. From this point you will have the opportunity to study all the details from inside. Furthermore, most VAs are looking for managing personal and you should be able to obtain a job (of course not paid!) in the organization. From here you will gain a lot of experience to opoen your own VA... but with this experience you might to remain an "important person" in the VA where you learnt so much. Who knows?

PVARepainter Guest

Easy, you will have to obtain your domain and create your website... code it or maybe you can get someonet to do it for you... I know a person that can do that for you.... contact me @ subject FSX VA and I will help you... as far as texture goes... I can do that for you but for a small charge so email me.

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