CYVR runway 26R

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Anyone else notice that when you make an autopilot approach to runway 26R at Vancouver (Canada) airport, you wind up about a hundred feet north of the runway?

Is it just my FSX or is it built into all of them?

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Darren Elliott (darrenvox) Trainee

have never had that problem but i dont have fsx..

by the way i think you meant CYVR? or is there an actual cycr??

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Kirk Lorange (planetalk) Trainee

Yes, of course, CYVR ... slip of the mouse, I fixed it.

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naflod Trainee

I will fly this and see what I come up with. I flew into Templehof twice this past week and on both occasions being two of my softest touchdowns I ended up going beneath the runway and crashing. This used to happen a lot at JFK in FS 2000.

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