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A very unusual VA - St Paul Airlines

Yoland Guest

Bush flying - Special Operations - Charter - Freight & Cargo - Seaplane Tours - Historic Flights - Round the World & Round Robin - VFR Excursion - Taxi Flights - Helicopter Schedules - Postal Flights - Angel Flights - European Capitals Tour - and much more! Is this appealing to you?
We also offer three main hubs with regular schedules from MIAMI - MINNEAPOLIS St PAUL - LONDON Jeathrow.
Other goodies :
St Paul Airlines fleet with airliners, general aviation aircrafts, seaplanes and bush planes.
Very friendly atmosphere - Ideal for new comers as well as for very experienced pilots... and we have a bunch of retired former pilots aged up to over 80 years old.

Visit our web site at:

SPA348 Guest

Great find for me! This VA is really unique with an incredible range of simflights opportunities. I am going to sign in.
Highly recommended.

Albert B. Former DC9 pilot

Dansk772 Guest

The guys in this VA are just crazy. They had the best VA program of all times and nobody knew about it. I visited the web site and I could not believe what I found! Excellent!

Dansk 772

papet Guest

I never thought that I could find a VA which fits so well my taste. Thnaks for sharing.

Biggles BCNU

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