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Emerald Air

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Emerald air VA is an Irish airline with hubs in Ireland and the UK

Why to choose Emerald Air?

Because Emerald Air has been operating continuously since 31 March 2001 and therefore it's the most established VA on the Emerald Isle. That gives us a long history and a lot of experience from it!

Because today Emerald Air is the only Irish VA with a Domestic, European, and Intercontinental route network that provides you the possibility to fly any kind of flight from short hops with Ireland up to daylong International flights to the World's most exciting and distant places!

Because Emerald Air has got the most versatile fleet among all the Irish VA's comprising all kinds of aircraft, mostly Boeing and Bombardier manufactured, from the small, but fabulous, Twin Otter to the majestic Boeing 747-400!

Because Emerald Air operates from 11 Irish and British hubs and serves almost 200 destinations ensuring that you can always find a route to fly that best suits your liking - or the list of manned online ATC positions!

Because Emerald Air has got an extremely flexible pilot ranking system and aircraft / route assignment policy that always allows you to make your own decisions and therefore puts you in command of your own VA pilot career!

Because Emerald Air has just introduced a brand new automatic pirep and acars system that allows you to log your hours in an easy and effortless way and to check your accumulated flight time, pilot rank, event badges and logbook at any time!

Because Emerald Air is a great, friendly community of flight simmers from all over the world, and our Forum is a place of lively discussion where Emerald Air pilots frequently discuss problems, share experiences or simply drop in for a friendly chat.


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