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Cessna 172 cockpit

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I am very new to all this and I don't really know what I am doing. Any useful links would be good. I am trying to go through the lessons and look at tutorials on youtube, however my cockpit panel doesn't look like the ones on the tutorials. They seem to have icons for displaying the flight map etc. How do I get these icons on my cockpit ie do I need a different plane, or is there some setting I am missing.

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Welcome to the Flight Sim world!

There are several views you can fly in. Most common is called Virtual, where you can look all around the cockpit yet still control switches and such. This view is great for flying and glancing at your gauges, but it lacks in clarity of the detailed panels. Pressing Shift-1 will change you to cockpit view #1, which will give you a more detailed panel view, and that should have those icons. I fly in virtual 95% of the time but switch to special views only when necessary (like adjusting autopilot) Pressing Shift and a number will bring up different views. Shift-3 generally brings up the GPS for example. Give it a try.

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