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Hello all - im new here so forgive me if this post is redundant. I am in the process of gathering hardware and softwware for a dual seat SIM 737BN and I have a few questions I hope someone can help with. I have watched alot of videos and visited many sites so I am wondering:

1. I see videos where a voice will call out altitude as you land. I have purchased F2Crew (default 737) and although that works well, it is not the same voice i hear in these videos - does anyone know what that is.

2. I've seen a video where you can clearly hear a female voice welcoming passengers with cabin chatter and you can hear "movement" - what is that?

3. For the displays I want to use Project Magenta - but @ almost 2k - I'm not sure about it - it also seems not very customizable as far as resizing the gauges to fit the MIP. I have FXExpand demo, is there anything else?

thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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1. For callouts I would suggest PMSounds from Project Magetna - its free.

2. That is FsPassengers

3. There are a few other software options available. I hope I dont get banned for suggesting another forum but if you go to they will be able to answer your "cockpit" questions very well. You ought to ask the question there as there are a ton of 737 builders.


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