access denied when downloading fsx aircraft-need help

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I have windows 7 & I cannot download aircraft into FSX,when I try to unzip
an error message comes up saying access denied,unable to create directory C:/PROGRAM FILES/86 blah blah blah.What the hell.I need some help here.Just joined the forum & cant download crap!!!!!!!!!.Please help

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Your downloading it but you can't unzip it.
Right click on the icon and log in as administrator.


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evilp Trainee

Which icon?The Winzip?

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evilp Trainee

i opened fsx as administrator & winzip,i really need a crash course here,gettiing pissed off

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James Charles (spudkiss) Trainee

the best thing to do is make a temp folder on your dashboard and unzipping to it then copying over to your flight simulator folder so you dont make the mistake of unzipping into any wrong folder or overwritting other folders... look up on youtube. search for 'how to install planes in fsx' theres alot of step by step videos

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