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would appreciate a little help here

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Well I must say I am disapointed with the lack of assistance on this website & forum.I joined today & cannot add downloaded aircraft to FSX
keeps saying required administrative options.I opened winzip as adm & fsx as adm & still says access denied.I posted for help & got one incomplete response that was of no help.Is there anyone capable of helping me or should I say willing to help me.I am member of several forums & the support is always great,so far I cant say that for this website.Please someone give me a hand.Feeling like joining was a mistake.

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don't be pessimistic and also not too optimistic

may your timing was too lucky , means when there's not too many helpfull poeple around .!

Anyways ;

you not always pour winzip contents into fs , withaout permission , as windows can be strict and fs too protected ,
and not every software is checked ans confirmed save .

So unzip into a seperate folder and put into fs as instructed in readme txt .

if this doesn't work try to lower UAC user account control , in control panel

maybe you have it high already . so doesnt allow file transfer between foldes at this steeing

lower it down till you put the file when finished put it back at level you like .

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