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nice plane wrecked sim.

crosscheck9 Guest

I just downloaded a BEAUTIFUL a322 with panel and wingviews, but its been giving me some grief. When I was on approach, (flying VFR) I contacted my destination, (in this case, PDX) and requested a full stop landing. They gave me instructions as to where to land, and so I set up with the given info, but when I looked at the atc window, it was tuned to Portland approach. I tried changing it manually, but I it didnt respond. When I landed, I had the option of choosing portland ground frequency, but that shouldnt happen, I should only get the ground frequency of the airport on the taxiway, not runway. If you know anything about this, tell. and btw....happy holidays to all.

PS: I live in DFW, and finally, after a years worth of snowed!!!!

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