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This question has been bugging me and I don't want to appear stupid but here goes. I have the PMDG 737 FMC and it works fine. After looking at what it can do my question is this, can someone tell me the purpose of the FMC other than fly from waypoint to waypoint etc. It seemss that when flying under air traffic control, they constantly tell you when to turn etc which is what the FMC does but you can set the waypoint randomly and turn where you wish. Once under ATC it seems they are in charge and you cannot use the FMC since they are in control from your flight plan. I hope I stated this question sensibly but I am not sure of the sole purpose of the FMC. I know I might be missing things so that is why I asked this question.

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Your FMC can do much more than fly from waypoint to waypoint, it can control climb/descent, airspeed, fuel management and if you set it up correctly once you take off it will fly the route for you and land itself, it's all a matter of reading the instructions.If ATC is telling you to turn right/left etc you have'nt programmed the waypoints correctly, because if you had and pressed LNAV it would follow the route and all ATC would be telling you is to switch freqs to a different control until descent!

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