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help me please with ATC


hello can some one help me, is there any body out there who can tell me step by step on how i can put a airline call sign that i have created into fs2004(how do i get ATC to call my airline) as i am trying to biuld an airline but have become stuck with this problem, i have down loaded sdk from microsoft and also have editvoice pack but am a bit of a dummy when it comes to these things. 🙂 Embarassed

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Ok, here's how you do it.

You have to edit the actual aircraft.cfg files for this.

Here's an example, and we'll work from here, its from the default 747

The main things we need to look at are in BOLD

title=Boeing 747-400
atc_airline=Global Freightways
ui_variation="Global Freightways"

Ok, first, the atc_airline part, Simply change that to whatever your airline name is, and it'll be read off, I'm not too sure, but i THINK you have to change the ui_variation to match what you have in the atc_airlne thing.

Secondly, seeing is how you're having your own airline, here's how to group the airplanes in FS04 so that you can see just the ones for your airline, instead of having to go to, say, Boeing, then select the 737, then find the aircraft paint scheme.

See the ui_manufacturer part? Change that to the name of your airline, and you'll be able to group the airplanes of that airline all in the same category. You have to change around all the ui_manufacturer parts for each aircraft you want in the airline.

I can do all of the above for you, you need to get MSN messenger, and send the files to me after you add me, my IM name is


thank you for you reply i understand now and will do as you have advised again thank you. 😀 🙂

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