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I recently read in another forum for flight sims ( cant find it now ) that there is a malicious Spyware file attached to FS Manager that tracks all that you do on your computer..Am attempting to find this post so that I can warn other simmers that they should be aware of the ramifications if this is true..I have scanned my own copy of FS Manager and it comes up clean but this person said that would happen and even gave the name of the file starts the spyware..anyone know of this???

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Here's the story.


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Thanks Radarman for the update...I am not one that would purposely hurt
another companies chances of selling a product..but having been hit a couple times by spyware and viruses I have learned that to be well advised and alert pays off..To tell you the truth I only wish that most of the people that cause this misery thru their viruse programs could be caught and delt with very of jail time!!..Would be nice to have a program that would discover the spyware or viruses and then send a destroy program back to the originator...Now that would be a welcome piece of programing...Again thanks for the updated story and Merry Xmas to all..and Happy New Year too!

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