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Sbd2 Guest

Am copying verbatim what I read and pass it on to all that should know about this spyware found in this product! :

Hi all, I just thought I'd warn everyone about FS Addon Manager from ( . I'm quoting from FlyAwaySimulations' report(is this ok?) ... "Name:
UserFriendlyProducts, Inc
System Monitor
Threat Assessment:
KidWatcher monitors all of your computer activity including emails, chat conversations, passwords entered and more.
KidWatcher is a monitoring utility that records all keystrokes, incoming and outgoing emails, instant messages, visited Web sites, documents composed or opened, usernames and passwords. The collected information is stored into a password protected log file for later retrieval. KidWatcher runs in the background and does not appear in the Windows Desktop, Task Manager or any other menu." In short,it has spyware buried inside.I'd be very careful when deciding yes or no on a install of FSAOM..... (PS,the spyware filename is capscrn.ocx)


FS-AOM Guest

This is a false alarm by what they call themselves "market leader" in spyware. They achieve their position by falsely indicate software as "spyware". The trick is this:

In order to claim more more detected spyware compaired to their competitors, they not only look for the real spyware programs, but they look also for basically harmless freeware libraries used in some spyware products. In this case the CapSCRN.ocx wich does nothing else than doing a screen capture and was used in FS-AOM for the purpose of taking the screenshot from the FS screen and saving it to the library.
This assumed "market leader" in spyware deliberately and knowingly ruins legitimate software developers with a worthless product in order to keep claiming its "market leadership". As the author of FS-AOM and thus as a victim, I explicitly requested that company several times to take position about their unlawful behaviour and to correct the flaw. They still lack to respond to this (after 8 months) and they still did not change anything in their software.
Although I already updated FS-AOM in the way not to use this capscrn.ocx anymore since summer 2004, I ask anyone to stop divulagting these diffamating allegations caused by that crappy "spyware detection software".

Thank you!

Manfred Murer
Author "FS Addon Manager"

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