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Under Create Flight, I can enter the flight planner and create a plan to practise landing at an airport - Start is Airport -25, Destination is Airport. Find Route shows what I expect (starting on the approach path to the airport, ending on the ground), and I can save it.

But when I go to fly it, the plane starts on the ground! What I answer to 'Move plan to starting airport' doesn't seem to matter. How do I get it to start in the air?

I'm probably missing something obvious here, so would someone care o tell me?

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Hi... Here is one way you can get into the air right away. When you are setting on the runway after filing your flight plan, go to the Map icon and click on it. There you can manually set your altitude, speed and heading then click on ok. You will have to take control manually at that point or quickly set your settings on the autopilot to match your settings you just entered on the map and then turn the autopilot on.


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Get to the point you want to start your practice flight. Pause and save the flight. You can set this as the default and it will load every time you start FS, or you can select it at any time from Saved Flights.

If it doesn't work out and you crash, the flight will re-start from the practice point.

Your saved flight will load whatever settings you have (including nav and flight plan) when you save it. The only thing to watch out for is using real-world weather. That may impact your pressure settings.

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