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Condensed version of the post from Hovercontrol:

I was kinda upset that I didn't get to join the original Virtual Army. So, I decided to open a group, similar, but highly different.

Pirep - Automatic via IVAO or Vatsim
Kacars, FSAcars, FSFK compatible
Knowledge Base documentation
Wings/Division (Historic with updated airframes)
Pilot Pay
Ranks / Medals (Ranks match rw counterpart)
Exam center (still working on exam creation)
Pilot Shop (need idea's)

Aircraft in fleet:
AH-64 - Apache Longbow
UH-60 - Sikorsky Blackhawk
UH-1 - Bell Huey
SW4 - C-26 Metro III
B06 - Bell Kiowa
B350 - C-12 Huron
MIL24 - Hind (U.N. Peacekeeping)
AH-6F - MD Little Bird
C-27J - Aliena Spartan
C-20E -Cessna Citation Encore
EO-5B - De Havilland Dash 7
C182 - Cessna Skylane
C-37A - Gulfstream G550
UC-35A - Ultra Citation V

Future plans include Vatsim VSOA status, IVAO VA, and more Ops.

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might help if I added a link:

Flyer490 Guest

Hi all,

I was a member of the original U.S. ARMY Virtual (USAv) and would love to see someone create another U.S. Army flight simulator based organization. At one time I was in a command position and would be willing to help start this great organization back up (or one like it). Please let me know what your plans are and if you could use any help.

Thanks and keep up the good work,


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