Airplane goes over Niagara Falls!

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FEM, you may not want to read this, because I know you're a by-the-book pilot, and what I did today is probably not covered by "the book." Twisted Evil

So there I was in the Cessna C208 Caravan Amphibious, flying east along Lake Erie, when I thought, it would be nice to fly by Niagara Falls for a look. Then, I thought, well, I need fuel, I may as well land nearby and fill up. So I landed on the Niagara River, upstream from the falls.

And what better way to get airborne again than to taxi right off the falls, plummet towards the rocks below while applying full throttle, scare the cr@p out of the tourists on the boat below, pull out of the dive with feet to spare, and for a grand finale, fly UNDER the Peace Bridge, before climbing out of the gorge and going on my merry way? 😳

Well, it was so much fun that I had to go back and do it three or four more times. 😂

If you want to try this stupid stunt, I recommend going over on the Canadian side, not the US side, because there are lots of little islands in the river on the US side. But you need to look at the over head view when you get close, because there is a rocky breakwater across the river, which is impossible to see from water level, right above the falls. Then, after you get around that, the river makes a sharp right to drop over the Canadian falls. The falls is visible for miles from all the mist floating up there, though.

I taxied up to the edge at about 40 kts, because that's a good speed to maintain directional control on the water without using the water rudders. Full flaps is a good idea, and be ready to open the throttle when you drop over the edge! And, uh, don't bother requesting permission to take off from ATC. 😂


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Wouldn't it be a kick to try that in a real aircraft.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Actually, i've tried that, because i'm only by the book in jets. (REAL people fly in jets 😛)

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Fire_Emblem_Master wrote:

Actually, i've tried that, because i'm only by the book in jets. (REAL people fly in jets 😛)

Well, I may have gotten the idea from reading your description of flying off a cliff in the Grand Canyon. That was pretty cool. Reckless, but cool. 😂

Anyhow, I think that one of the best things about sim flying is that you can do things that would probably get you killed (or at least arrested and fined) and live to fly another day.

For instance, I've been working on a stunt flying trick that would probably be illegal in real life. The idea is to fly a 360 degree loop, but start and finish the loop under a bridge. I've been trying to do it at the bridge next to KTIW airport, near Seattle, because it's a fairly low bridge, but with a wide span between the land on either side. I haven't actually pulled it off yet; usually I loop too quickly and come back above the bridge, but occasionally I hit the water or the bridge. Practice, practice, practice!


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