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MSF SIMX ,What the best MS SIM Software out there,

JohnBoston Guest

compared to 2004 Software, should I get 20004 & Used adds ons,
or get the newest one aviable!

I crrent have MSF SIM X....should I get the Gold Adittion?
or what?

Also looking for a list of ILS Runway frequencies for different airports
online? Is there one?

Thanks JohnBoston Email....

Pro Member Trainee
naflod Trainee

I would go with FSX if your machine can handle it. Even if it can't, still go with it and reduce the settings.
If the Gold edition is the Deluxe + Acceleration Pack then yes, otherwise invest in the Deluxe and Acceleration pack.

As far as the ILS frequencies, the World Map in FSX has all the frequencies available. I would rely on that rather than a real world list. With 24,000+ airports, there's a possibility one of those ILS frequencies may not match up to the FSX runway frequency.

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