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Looking for expert formation pilots. I am opening a team which I'm keeping on the down low. I will not be telling any information yet.

My experience: I have been flying formation for a long time now.
Joined a few virtual teams such as the FSX Red Arrows, Blue Falcons. Flown with the Guardian Flight, VBBMF, and many more.

You have to be able to fly around 3 foot off the leader's wing.

Although we use military aircraft, it is entirely different. We will perform at airshows. We train for around 3 airshows a year. Training once a week and more if we can. Unlike flying in military and navy operations, we take the jets and strip them of any heavy objects (Fuel tanks, missiles,) and give them a great paint scheme. It is the hardest type of flying you will come across. Harder than refueling a f-18 in the air from a KC-10.
It's seriously rewarding. We get sponsor ships from many companies such as Captain sim, Just flight, A2A and all those companies.

So post your experience, what position you'd like and what jet aircraft you can fly.

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