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DutchFly (DFL) is a virtual airline, founded in 2007 by a group of passionate FlightSimers with a common idea, namely to fly Microsoft Flight Simulator in a network and lots of fun in it.
The philosophy of DutchFly is to offer a wide range of destinations so that our pilots have a wide choice of short-, medium-or long-haul flights, which can be flown at any time.

The destinations are found in five different divisions:
* Connect,
* Charter,
* Cargo,
* Caribbean,
* Passenger,
* USA.

DutchFly pilots try to be as realistic as possible flying the various routes to destinations around the world.
Amsterdam is our homebase, but we do fly from other Dutch airports as well and we also have a number of hubs abroad: Brussels, Prague and more recently, Atlanta.

Our pilots have access to a modern fleet of aircraft including Airbus, Boeing, Fokker and Embraer aircraft, in our beautiful own color scheme. DutchFly VA operates on IVAO online network with callsign "DFLxx". Our priority is tohave fun flying and in good companion, and therefore monthly one or more events are organized. Join during a flight certainly our DutchFly Company Channel, where you will find other pilots en route and you are valued as a pilot.

Enjoyed working with the hobby is important and therefore DutchFly VA uses only a few simple rules:
- to participate register flights with FSACARS
- at least just one flight a month
- flying Military aircraft is excluded.

DutchFly VA celebrates its 4th anniversary and we are looking for enthusiastic new pilots, so please feel free to visit our website at:
Not least, DutchFly VA has its own flying school so we are open to beginners and advanced pilots.

If you are interested and want to come fly with us, please contact us via our website: and click on "Join Us".

DutchFly Public Relations.

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