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Himmelhorse Guest

Good Morning to all oif you in my part of the world(Indonesia) and Good evening/night to those who are not.

My name is Tony (Ozzie expat living in Blitar Indonesia) Scary bit is that I am the ONLY caucasion in this area.

I am wondering if there is an update to the original Traffic 2005 software that is available as a free download. Alternatively, is there a better AI programme available as a free download. (for FS2004)

For your further information, below is the current status of my comuter:

P7P55D PRO Motherboard

Core i5 CPU 2.66ghz

8gig RAM

3 x Nvidia 9800gt VGA running 6 x 19inch Monitors (1440X900)

Windows 7 Ultimate is my OS

With FS2004 I am running REX, Traffic 2005, VOZ180 Complete and ADF AI

I would dearly love to run FSX but this system is incapable of doing so and I don't know why???? will run up to 3 monitors at very slow frame rates but after that it just disappears from the system completely.

As I am the only person in Blitar or near surrounds running any form of Flight Simulator it is extremely difficult to get help locally.

Thank you for any assistance I may get with these questions.

Tony Chilcott

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Cheeks Chief Captain

This blows Traffic 2005 out of the water in every possible way, and is updated every so often, and is free.

The only downside is you have to download each individual package, but I suppose that's good in that it doesn't waste net and you can just download whatever airlines you want, there is a huge variety too.

Happy Simming my fellow Aussie! 😀

himmelhorse Guest


Many thanks for your suggestion. I shall check it out with reckless abandon and great alacrity lol

Any thoughts on the multi monitors for FSX???
Thanks again

Tony Chilcott

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Cheeks Chief Captain

I could search around and give you advice, but I'm not very experienced using multi-monitors for Flight Sim, so I'd rather not point you in the wrong direction.

Hopefully someone else can answer that, good luck with your AI, and make sure you post some screenshtos of it! 😀

himmelhorse Guest


Thanks again for your help.

I have downloaded most of the relevant Australian airlines and they appear to have downloaded correctly.

However.... When I try to install them (they appear to be double zipped????) from a specially created WOAI folder the installer doesn.t see the fully unzipped file in the folder ... it will recognize the zipped version and will pick it up in the top line of the installer but then it tells me I have an exception handling error.
I have gone round and round and it all repeats itself but never recognizes the unzipped version in the same folder as the zipped one??? Obviously (despite the fact that it is Friday and I had eggs for breakfast) I am doing something wrong.

I don't wish to take up too much of your time but as previously stated I cannot get any help locally.

Thanks in anticipation


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Himmelhorse wrote:

My name is Tony (Ozzie expat living in Blitar Indonesia)

Blitar... that would be JATIM if I remember, been through there many a time.

Regarding your WOAI installation -- make sure you click on Installer on top of the page Cheeks linked you to and if you follow those instructions, you should be ok.

Selamat malam.

himmelhorse Guest

Tail hook,

Correct in your Jatim assertion (Jawa Timur or Java East)
Thanks for your input too.

However, I do have the installer up and running I can get to the second screen (Select WOAI Package to install)

I am selecting the direct (zipped) download which then loads in the top line
Target remains greyed out but with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (grey) but visible... I cannot get that to an active state

Then I input the FS2004 path and press next...

I then get the Important Notice page and tick "I agree" Press next and that is when I get the unhandled exception error.

I have also tried to unzip the download into a separate folder and that comes up (after unzipping) with yet another zipped file. If I click on that zipped file it comes up with the installer package which I repeat all the steps above (Path remains greyed out) and the same unhandled excep;tion error message appears.

If I bring up the installer and browse to bothe the original download or the unzipped (zipped) file I get exactly the same result.

As I have said before I have to be doing something wrong (maybe too much Nasi) lol but I really would like to resolve this.

I hope the above has not been tooooo long winded and explains things clearly through the mud that I am looking through.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Tony Chilcott

PS with my multi monitor problem Would it be a better idea to start a new post with that one???

Thanks again Terima Kasih (or trucksi or taxi ... all sama sama lol)


himmelhorse Guest

For Cheeks and Tailhook,

Many thanks to you both for your help. I have solved my problem and am busily downloading again.

I resolved this by uninstalling and reinstalling the WOAI Installer package. It would appear that the first download contained a glitch or I did something wrong with the download. I remain prepared to be mystified by it all.

Thanks again guys I really appreciated your advice



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Tailhook Chief Captain

kudalangit - I run the same OS, W7 Ultimate. No problem on my side, I got the "exception handling error" and continued the same way you did but didn't encounter any problems... AI installed but at exiting the Installer, a prompt appeared suggesting that 'The Program may not have been installed correctly...' or something similar.

As my current .Netframework is 4, I expected something weird to happen - as I experienced with Windows XP on a previous occasion when I had .Netframework 2 and the App I wanted to install required .Netframework 1 Wall Bashing

To simplify matters now, if you haven't already done so, right-click on the WOAI Installer.exe and select 'Troubleshoot compatibility'. Next, select 'Try recommended settings' -- this will apply "Windows compatibility mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)".

The next time you run the WOAI Installer.exe it will automatically run in XP mode.

Good to hear you've succeeded though.

PS with my multi monitor problem Would it be a better idea to start a new post with that one???

Absolutely -- up the top in the Hardware Forum... sampai jumpa 😀

himmelhorse Guest



I have already downloaded and installed many of the airlines (mostly Oz related) and flown YBCG to YBBN with Qantas n Virgin and several others all in the sky and on the ground .... Magnificent.

I am so very appreciative and a happy little vegemite again. I think is (as stated) much better than traffic 2005.

You guys are great n thanks again


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Cheeks Chief Captain

Don't mention Vegemite, you know how non-Australians react to that stuff! 😂

Yes, it is definitely better than Traffic 2005, the models look 1000 x better, and they fly better too. Also, they're more up to date.

I also recommend downloading AFCAD from places like Avsim, that way the aircraft park at their respective gates just like in real life.

Glad to see that it's working, maybe post some screenshots soon! 🙂

Roy Yateman Guest

Hi there,
Is anyone out there, living in Blitar? I am an English Pensioner about to move to and live in Blitar later this year.
Any expat living in Blitar/Malang, I would be pleased to hear from you. Now living in Macau.
Hope this finds you well!
Regards Roy 😀

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