ILS Landing probs

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Mark Hyder (markhyder) Trainee

Every Time I am coming to land on ILS, The 737-800 bounce on runway landing, Then goes up in the air and stalls.

It never lands.

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thomastee Trainee

I'm not sure the 737-800 is full auto land like the 747.

I fly it a lot and it does a great job of holding and tracking the ILS but I always release the auto pilot just before touchdown and land the plane myself.

I could be wrong here but that's just my 2 cents worth.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

It does have full autoland capabilites, at least the PMDG one does, as does the real aircraft, but the default 737 doesn't have it properly modelled, as the above comment says, just disable it about 500 feet before touching down and fly it down by hand as per the glideslope.

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