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I recently requested help to install add-in aircraft to my FSX running on XP. This was achieved successfully following sound advice from Tailhook. I successfully imported a 737 with 180 paint schemes from this site (page 166) and everything was good.
Unfortunately, I have had to change my laptop for a window 7 version and have purchased as Windows 7 based FSX Gold. The sim is installed and working correctly but I can't add any other aircraft including my previous 737. I note that the existing fsx aircraft have their textures as .DDS files whereas the import from this site has the textures as .BMP. I presume that this is the problem. Or am I mistaken and not following the process correctly?

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markarnshaw wrote:

...but I can't add any other aircraft including my previous 737. I note that the existing fsx aircraft have their textures as .DDS files whereas the import from this site has the textures as .BMP. I presume that this is the problem. Or am I mistaken and not following the process correctly?

The .BMP texture files are not the issue as they are fully compatible with FSX. I assume that this: is the file in question.

I too am running W7... no problems here - have you read the "Read B737_400.txt"? It says: '"INSTALLATION"

Unzip to a tempory folder and place the whole Microsoft B737_400 folder into your Program Files/ Microsoft Games/
Flight SimulatorX/Simobjects/Airplanes folder.'

This is exactly how it works.

Lacking any information as to what you have tried so far and what kind of what I call 'Microsoft-Paranoia-Warning-Signs' you have encountered, I don't really know where to start trouble-shooting.

One big difference between W XP and W7 is the 'User Account Control' (UAC). The default installation of W7 has the UAC enabled which becomes a nuisance when installing pretty much anything.

I disabled UAC completely which is not to say you should do the same. I feel comfortable this way because I have good protection and have learned how to use it effectively.
Additionally, I did not install FSX and FS2004 (which I also run) in 'Program Files' but created separate folders for those two Simulators. I read somewhere that this method reduces the annoyance of UAC as well and thought I might as well try it. The result: Absolutely no problems whether I install freeware or payware add-ons.

Keeping the above in mind, it is a bit difficult for me to reconstruct your exact problem as you presumably use the default installation of W7. One thing though I keep reading in this context is that when you install, you must be the Administrator.
Well, make sure you try this and should other warnings appear, simply keep agreeing and allowing.
Should you still not succeed, don't hesitate to take screenshots of the warning signs you have problems with or write down what those warnings say.
I realise how cumbersome this is ... blame Microsoft for this mess I say Group Wave

In any case, don't give up - once we've found our way through this mess, it gets easier each time 😀

P.S.: I mustn't forget that in my opinion W7 is a better OS compared to W XP, definitely more stable. I hung on to XP because I liked it so much and wisely avoided Vista which was a disaster. Once you are used to W7 I'm sure you'll agree.

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Hi again Tailhook. Many thanks once again for your support. I note what you say and will perservere, as the sky is the limit with the sheer numbers of add-ins from this site.
One thing I've noticed whether relevant or not, is that I have 2 'Programme Files' folders on my C drive. The first contains Microsoft games which are the usual suspects such as minesweeper etc.
The second one is titled 'Programme Files (x86) and there is another Microsoft Games folder in addition to Kaspersky, Visual Studio etc. Within the Microsoft Games folder my FSX lurks. the folders I have unzipped are within the sim ops folder as required.
Anyway, I've taken enough of your time and will press on regardless,
Thanks and Regards

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Since my last posting I have achieved limited success with the 180 boeing 737-400 paint schemes (textures). I now have 2 extra aircraft in the bag out of the 180 in the file. What has happened to the vast majority is anyone's guess. The new ones I have are the American Pacific and Alaska Disney aircraft, both working fine.
I think the previous problem was when I copied the aircraft file to FSX Sim Objects and the aircraft model, Panel, Sound Textures were in a second folder within the first. This is possibly why the thing didn't work in the first place. I copied the inner folder and pasted this into the Sim Objects main folder.
I now need to get the remaining 178 aircraft into FSX. If anyone has any ideas out there, these will be gratefully received.

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Since my last post I have perservered (as ordered by Tailhook) and succeeded. I now have the 180 variants of the 737 as desired, and a brand new Bristol Fighter. Thanks again Tailhook, it's sometimes better to leave the pupil to go solo and let him sort it out.

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Happy to hear you have succeeded markarnshaw. 😀

As a compulsive nit-picker I have yet to make another comment which may simplify matters in the future.
If you read the B737_400.txt of which I have quoted the "INSTALLATION" part in my first post of this topic again, you'll find that therein lies the key:
" the whole Microsoft B737_400 folder into your Program Files/ Microsoft Games/Flight SimulatorX/Simobjects/Airplanes folder."

As you have no doubt discovered, this folder was contained in yet another folder named: B737-180.
After having opened folder B737-180, you found folder Microsoft B737_400 FSX amongst other bits and pieces. Now this can get a bit confusing as different developers/authors tend to put their creations together in different ways... files inside a folder, add more files and another folder, put those into yet another folder etc. etc. and finally zip it all up and upload it to the various file libraries.

The rule here is: The folder which must be placed into your Simobjects / Airplanes directory (in our case it's Microsoft B737_400 FSX) must contain at least the following:

1 Model folder
1 Panel folder
1 Sound folder
1 or more Texture folder(s)

1 aircraft.cfg file
1 xxxxx.air file

If one of those 6 items is missing, the aircraft is incomplete and will not function. Of course this (main)Aircraft folder may contain a plethora of other sub-folders and files - that's not a problem.

So to make things a little easier in the future, keep digging inside the various folders until you reach the one that includes the 6 items I have outlined. This folder, regardless of its name contains your aircraft.

Addendum: Frequently your .zip file you've just downloaded from a library will also contain additional gauges and/or effects. Refer to the documentation such as the ReadMe file to see how these should be installed.

Happy days, any more questions, don't hesitate to ask 🍻

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Thanks Tailhook,

Over and out (for now)

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