Problems with loading aircraft and using FSX

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Hi everyone, everytime I try to play FSX it will either shut off on me either mid-flight or upon initial start-up. After installing the game (I do have a legit copy), it will sometimes work; however, after shutting down my computer and playing FSX at another time, FSX will prompt me to install again.

Also, when trying to load the T-34C that I downloaded, FSX will shut down completely, and I end up having to reload the game.

Anyone know what is causing these issues and/or how can I fix them?

I don't have great operating characteristics on my laptop. I'm just trying to play FSX for procedural knowledge. My system operating limitations are as follows:

-Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 2.00 GHz
-3 GB of ram
-Windows Vista 32-bit operating system
-DirectX version 11

I also have a Toshiba Satellite A305.

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I recommend playing FS2004 instead, if it's after procedural knowledge, it'll run better and have less crashes, as it requires less resources, so it's a much better option. Also for a T-34, I recommend the Carenado example which will set you back a few bucks but it is definitely worth it.

Just my two cents, as I believe your PC is struggling with FSX.

rkaczoro Guest

Thanks for the reply. The T-34C may be just for FSX, would you by any chance know how to upload it in FS2004?

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Backwards compatibility is foreign language to Microsoft, so unfortunately, only FS9 -> FSX ports are capable of being done. HOWEVER, this is by far the best T-34 you can find, and is well worth the cash (even though it's a bit steep).

I really enjoy flying it, and I'm sure you will if you end up getting it!

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