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Well on December 11th, I got married!!!!!
We flew via Delta to Tampa, Fl for a honeymoon!

The first leg of the trip was KPHX-KATL, When the 757 was landing , the spoilers were deployed and a ton of hydralic fluid poured from the Spoilers, I notified the Capt.
Then When we fle the 2nd leg from KATL to KTPA, when we landed the aircraft began to lurch side to side on the runway!!!

On the return flight from KTPA to KATL all was smooth, then the final leg from KATL- KPHX, we departed late, and really made up the time, the pilot came screaming in to the runway, we bounced, SHE popped the spoilers, hit the reversers and the brakes, then hit the brakes harder, then even harder braking, the hardest braking I have ever felt, then she hit the brakes so hard they locked up and you could heard and feel the aircraft skidding!!!! I thought for sure some Pleasure pilot screwed up and pulled out in front of us, I was awaiting the sounds of crushing aluminum and an impact!

Turns out She (Yes a female Captain) had came in hot onto the short runway, and had to really stand on it due to taxiway construction!

Kinda made for an interesting time!

But I have had a few interesting flights!

Like the time I was in Detroit, visiting relatives...I was going to stay ONE MORE WEEK, but at the last minite, I changed my mind and left, I took Northwest Flt. #255, the exact same flight crashed the next weekend killing everyone onboard except a little baby--I would have been onboard!
Another time, I was landing at Chicago Midway, Looking out the right window I saw 2 gliders, as I watched, one of them turned into our aircraft, the pilot gave it the gas and made a high G turn away from it. The glider jerk was so close that I could see his open mouth and sunglasses!
And another time I was flying into Portland on Alaska Air, we were in the clouds over the mountains, when I felt Stall shake, it did stall shake 4 times, one of which was very definate and strong. when we finally landed, I hung around and the Capt. said they had lost the airspeed indicator, and the horizontal attitude indicator--So I guess I am lucky huh?

Oh well, a lot of stuff to tread--but hey Merry Xmas and Happy New Years to all you fellow Sim Pilots (and real pilots)

Capt. Dennison

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Very cool stories about your travel times, thanks for sharing them.
Since you walked away from every one of those "experiences" lets just say that they were thrilling and leave it at that.

Congratulations and many happy healthy years ahead for you and your bride!


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😳 The less said the better,because after 3 years of being a no flight family,she who must be obeyed, has booked a flight to Portugal 😀
It was one of the shortest holiday flights see could find to somewhere she wanted to go....about 2hrs 15 from Bristol(But she has a few months to get ready as its the end of May)
Also just to prove that she is ready for flying again(we used to fly 3 to 4 times a year)I have been given a 1 hour test flight in a Cessna at Cardiff(the last time I was in a Cessna it was held together with chickin wire)

I will keep you posted about the trial flight,she sugested to do it the week before we fly to Portugal......................... Ermm... 🤔 Nope

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One time my family and I decided to go to Molokai from Kahului and spend some time in seclusion. A little Pacific paradise in the Hawaiian chain. We were aboard an Aloha Airlines B737-200 in the flower paint.

The Capt. came in correctly and everthing seemed to be going really well when all of a sudden a wicked crosswind struck the A/C from the right side and the right wing came up about 15 degrees in a matter of a second or perhaps even less. An increase equivelent to about a 1/2 regular turn at altitude! -Not so good when your main gear is approx. 10-15 feet from the runway. 🙄

My congratulations still go to that pilot as he leveled the wings immediately but landed super-hot due to the ensueing stabilization requirement and additional feather to touch down on the runway. Most know that Molokai has a short runway to begin with. Nobody aboard was lost to the fact that it was a really wild and possibly dangerous situation and landing.

A little secret is that this type thing, w/greater or lesser A/C instability, happens with regularity in the Hawaiian Islands. Gusting winds from the ocean, tropical downpours and frequently caused by some of the terrain features? Some great pilots flying in Hawaii. 🙂

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Congradulations on your marriage 🍻

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My worst flight experience was shortly after completing my PPL which I did in Florida. I was flying from Winter Haven to Merrit Island direct route in a Cessna 150 N66560 (I will never forget the reg!) opting to fly at 1800ft because I did not want to hassle Orlando with flight following as 1801ft would take me into their airspace. Good VFR day alll was well, until.......screech the big fan at the front of the ac stopped going round! Ran through the restart after applying heat, no luck, tried again still nothing. Looked for a field, but am over a built up area 10 miles from destination, trimmed for best glide and called Merritt traffic, no reply! No 1 option is a sports field but as I get closer I notice HT cables, I will fly under them I think but then see kids playing horn in the plane! What about the road? It looks good as I look to the right I look left as the lights turn to green traffic everywhere! Ahhhh getting low so opt for a road running of the main road so plan to make a circuit to land. Turn base maintaining what height I have to make it over more HT cables then lose height turning to final while shutting down electrics etc. Unfortunately the gear hit the top of a tree and I end up nose down in someones garden wiping out their motorboat! I knock myself out on the radio stack and end up in a helicopter medi-lifted to hospital. 11 stitches on my head but still alive, very lucky as I had 3 hours of fuel onboard. Funniest thing was watching the news and the reporter saying "pilot in hospital with severe head, neck and back injuries!" Here's me sat in bed watching telly, eating my lovely hospital dinner wondering when I can get out.
Flew two days later once released....plane never flew again. I have the pics! FAA put it down to carb ice. That's another story!
That's my worst flight. If you ever hear this is your captain PH......get off the plane!!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Fear Fear Fear Fear That sounds really scary!!! Still it could have been worse

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Sure..."This is your Captain Jolegg, it appears that all the fuel is now flowing out of a gaping hole in the fuselage, our left engine has departed from the aircraft for an undetermined amount of time, and both of our control yokes fell through the cockipt...But it could be worse!" 😀

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Lol!! 😂

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tomthetank Chief Captain

It could have been a lot worse...............One of us could have been with him Fear

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😳 😳 😳 Married!!!! Congratulations!!!! Great!!!

Bad flights. The most interisting,,,, hmmm! Where do I start? Well, in a 737, the crew brought it in in a good xwind. They were doing the wing low meathod. The wing was LOW!!! too!! It touched down on the windward wheel and rode it for a while. It was quite a ride!!! While we were all deplaning the crew was laughing and talking about the landing.

GREAT!!! fun!!

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