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Welcome to Dutch International Airways Where You Fly Your Way!

Who We Are

The founders of Dutch International Airways are Joost Van Dam and Sjoerd, They decided to have a virtual airline company, with multiple hub operations around the world. The core platform was implemented within may 2006. The group functionality is based on performance driven pilots who enjoy both long haul, and short haul flying within both Flight Simulator 2004 and of Flight Simulator X.

What We Offer

Dutch international Airways offers something that other Virtual Airlines may not give you we let you fly your routes your way with whatever aircraft you want. When you start with us you will be set with a Company Admin in Teamspeak aor a Interview, This Interview is just to let us know where your set in Flight Simulator. After that you will be givin your VAFS Account and set on your way.

How We Can Help

If you dont know how to fly dont worry! we will set you up with an experianced member to help you learn to fly. also we will also guide you though the teamspeak setup is you need it!

What We Ask Of You

All we ask of you is:
*You Must Have a Working Mic
*You Must Be Able to Put In One Flight a Month
*You Must Be Able To Check-In Once a Month With a Company Member
*You Must Have XFire

How To Contact Us

Check Out our Website at
XFire Me: Opid
E-mail Me:

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